Monday, March 26, 2012

Ruby's Inn 2012

Every year the Lifferth family heads down south to kick it for a weekend at Ruby's Inn hotel, right outside Bryce Canyon. Its always a fun time. Basically every year at the hotel the same things go on, not that there is anything wring with that because its always fun. For me I realize there are even more relatives that exist that I don't know their names.... Then more get married, and then more kids!! I cant keep up with the names!!; Outside the hotel is were the excitement is for me. This year a group hiked a few slot canyons and to Mossy caves and some trail in Red Canyon . Enjoy the Pictures.

Ma, Pa, and I

Isaac wouldn't look at the camera 
Some ones poor parking job

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Corona arch

We  went down to corona arch in Moab, Ut to create a giant rope swing, we got the idea from a youtube video. If you haven't seen it yet hit this link or search worlds largest rope swing on you tube. Unfortunately, we did not swing, we set it all up and the wind was blowing really bad and didn't want to find out where the wind would take us. Instead we had a fun time repelling 145ish feet from the top. Very fun and just hanging there the wind would get us moving pretty good. I love Moab, always something fun and wild.


That's me on the left

Sunday, March 11, 2012


 That bear is on some heavy drugs, but the professors say it will be fine.... What ever happened to saying no to drugs?   I went with my dad and his scouts to the Book Cliffs in eastern Utah where we met some biologists (and 150ish other people) to check out these bears after they drug them. They planned to have three bears drugged for us to look at, but when they got to the den the mamma bear was already out and didn't want to hang around with men waving needles at her. As for the other cub, they don't know where it was. But this bear was pretty neat. Usually when I get to a wild animal it isn't breathing so this was a bit different. That cub is around  a year old, about 40 lbs. fun stuff.

New Whip

I have been researching different diesel powered automobiles for quite some time, and a decision  was made to purchase a 1980's diesel Mercedes Benz. I would check KSL dot com almost every night and sometimes throughout the day looking for the right car. There was one on ksl dot com that I really liked but wasn't sure the price was right. Well at the beginning of the month I've had enough waiting, I was determined to get one asap, and was willing to drive some distance to obtain it if that is what it would take. I searched all over the world wide web, checking on Craig's List in Utah and all the surrounding states and the states beyond those. I also checked the Canadian classified web sites as well (mainly to see conditions and prices of the car to compare). The more I searched I came to the conclusion that the best bang for buck was the Mercedes in Highland, Utah! And the search ended happily ever after. 

I have a hand full of plans for this ride, I'll post pictures of any major changes when those are made.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sand Dunes Saturday

 Well the title says it, Sand dunes and it happened Saturday. As always it was an absolute wild time riding the dirt bike in the sand. My bike and I made it home in one piece, what a blessing that is. The cold weather made the sides of every dune a wild card, the sand was frozen solid on one side and ten feet away it would be soft loose sand or any where in between. A hand full of crashes resorted because of the unexpected sand consistency. No one got hurt to bad.

Adam's speed goat decided to come to an abrupt stop and feed on some shrubbery 

Me and my bike

Adam on left, my bike in the middle, Nick on right

Sunday, February 12, 2012


    The western fun floodgates have opened with the purchase of a new fire arm! Heritage Arms Rough Rider 22LR/22Mag single action revolver. This gun went out the store and straight to the prairie with plenty of rounds to fire. The gun did great. It was a barrel of monkeys cocking back the hammer and sending 36 grains of jacketed lead through pop cans, and other such things. Also if you have ever wondered in the western movies if its fun when they hold the trigger down and use the other hand to slam the hammer down till all six shots are spent. YES it is so much fun! And uses lots of bullets, but that's fine I started with a box of 525 rounds....

Sunday, February 5, 2012


   Last week I was ever so lucky to travel to Arizona for the javelina hunt on the Whiteriver Apache nation. It was a very enjoyable trip, during the day temperatures reached 75ish. It was a nice change from the relatively cold Utah winter. Also the Arizona desert is an awesome place, so different than Utah's desert, although our deserts are still incredibly fun. The AZ desert is home to quite a few blood thirsty plants. Those damn things got a many tastes of my blood, but i lived

Saguaro Cactus, Always a treat to see these

 I shot this stinky beast with my .223 at just under 200 yards away
 Packing the stink pig out
 Salt river, the boarder of the Apache nation

 Arizona sunset